Open Minded

Be true to yourself

Humans call themselves open minded for bunch of different reasons. If it is right to say –Humans are taking advantage of the term.


A man tells a lady that he is open minded. He believes that women should be independent and able to do everything they want just like men. Ding Ding Ding!!! you won the lottery. He is NOT necessarily open minded. Most are just saying – that all other women not including mother, sisters, and future wife can do all the shit they want so men can have a blast, before choosing the innocent The One.

Life is getting more and more boring with all the technology and no human interaction. Thus humans would call themselves open minded to join a cool group they want to join– which is to say the least is a legit thing to do. Anyone could play cool but few dare to be just themselves.

A person joins a very diverse group. The group goes out together. the person acts all weirded out because the group has a very expressive LGBTQ individual. Well lets just make this one clear. Some people are an embarrassment to others in public places whether LGBTQ or not. I am an embarrassment to my sister sometimes just because I would be jumping around when I’m happy like a crazy person.

Every person has their own ideas and opinions. Every open minded person would be willing to accept and respect other’s ideas and opinion and willing to admit that some of their own ideas and opinions might be wrong.

An open minded person does not only accept LGBTQ but also accepts and respects super religious people. In short accepting and respecting all other’s personalities, ideas, opinions and stuff. It does not mean that you agree with their ideologies but you accept the fact that they believe in them and respect that.

To wrap up. I must say, I’m trying my best to be open minded but I’m not. I just can’t accept all people and opinions — I try to. I judge people sometimes. I tell myself than I’m better than this and that I should stop. Sometimes I do some other times I don’t. I’m a human I have flaws and I’m proud of my imperfection because I can improve.



As any other youth almost in any other city in the world, I feel that I need to leave my city–and since I have forever lived in a war zone–my whole country. But today, I do not want to talk about the things I dislike about my city. I would like to introduce you to why you should visit.

Geography: Duhok is in northern Iraq in Kurdistan Region. It is a small city in the middle of that part of your map that you are not interested in visiting.


First thing first, people here are so hospital–in case you haven’t heard already. When you are on the airplane, try to talk to the nearest Kurdish guy and you will see how friendly they are. As you get off he might as well ask you to stay at their house or at least have a meal. when you are in town, talk to couple people and then kaboOoOm you get a host no need for couch surfing in Kurdistan. As a guest you will be fed til you are full then you will be fed some more.

There aren’t many parties around here, thus Duhok is for Nature lovers. Duhok is surrounded by a chain of amazing–for short hikes–mountains. if you are a hike lover then all you need is to pack a backpack and get a 10 min cab ride from wherever you are. There are different mountains you can hike, rating from very easy to medium. Each hike gives you a different view. you want the city view with a distant Nineveh dam view– yes Nineveh is near but the only thing you will die from here is a Fast and Furious car accident– or do you want the city view with Duhok dam which is basically in the city edge. Do you want some ancient Assyrian remains! there are hikes for those, too. Caves, Carving and much more.


In Duhok, we try to keep the city green–unfortunately tho not bike friendly–no matter how cold or how HoT it gets– believe me when I say it is scorching hot. The best time to visit is from 1 March till the end of may. during this time the land is green everywhere.

The mountains will be

20394900_1620443714657092_991860850_ostanding tall with pride of their green dress they got. This is the time to go for picnics! It is not a picnic if there is no Barbecue, Eprax, Bryani, Tershik and so on, it is not a Kurdish picnic if there is no fire, and if you are not dressed in Kurdish traditional clothes.

If you google Newroz–which is the Kurdish New Year on 21 March– you will see many pictures of fire. The fire for Kurds symbolizes freedom and victory. Thus every year when celebrating Newroz– Basically the only festival we have beside the international film festival which might be snatched from Duhok in any moment– we dress up in our colourful Kurdish clothes and hold our torches and get ready to march to designated areas on the mountains to ignite the bonfires and cover the blue sky with lantern.

Some areas in Duhok province are HeAveNly. Passing the city and going through the villages till you reach that point when the main colours you can see are green, brown and blue.walking on the paths that many have passed through or none. listening to the live music of mother nature with the amazing singers and musicians dancing on the taps of the wind. Going up and looking at that smiley sun that fills you with peace and joy. Swimmers! there are a lot of places to swim and majestic clear waters that will show you the true colours of life. Coming back home is one of the best moment in a picnic. As you can see the blue, dark blue, purplish blue, reddish, yellow, and orange sky hug the mountains and saying goodbye.

For all of these reasons and some others that I can’t think of now– might update later. You should pay Kurdistan a visit.





Compared to an average Middle Eastern woman I have had a lot of relationships. Since the age of 15 I have been in and out, jumping from one relationship to the next. Some lasted for years some for weeks.


Stupid, jealous, over protective, and the clingy and dependent. Those are things that makes me break up with a Man. If he is a child then that is a whole different story.

I would like to say I was never the jealous type but that would be a lie. I’m just over that now. If my man wants to hang out with his female friends I would be happy for I have male friends I would like to hang out with, too. Man! if you want to check out the girls looking like Shakira and Beyonce, be my guest! I do once in a while want to check out that one hot guy in the room that looks like Chris Evans in Gifted <3.


That game goes too far, sometimes. Yes, I do consider it a game now! I play it sometimes. Men! you want me to show you that I care, okay!! Who are you texting and Why did you go out with your female friend!!! –that I know you don’t like nor does she.

Now, the “I care more than you do” game. Should I always say I love you when He does! of course not !!! But then if you do not then you do not love him enough.

Some men wants all the attention they can get. Call and text me 24/7 –that is how much I love and want you. Well, I’m a woman who do NoT multitask. I can’t call while doing other things–I just can’t focus. Every time he is out, am home and every time I’m out. he is home. Now, we have another problem. I apparently do not care enough Because when he misses me I’m never around. He only misses me when he is bored at home.

It is not that complicated love The One a lot but do not make them the center of your life. One pillar collapses faster!

My piled Frustration all at once because Writing is Better than Fighting.




A day in my Schuhe

Before I go to sleep, I decided to keep my room door open — I wanted the two kittens to socialize with my kitten, Liza.  I have three kittens, I have adopted one and fostering 2 to be adopted. My kitten, Liza, is 4 months old, while the two younger kittens are now on their first week of their second month.

Next morning, as usual, my alarm ran at 08:00, 08:10, 08:20 and 08:30. I turned all of them off and finally got up at 08:45. I washed up and as I was walking towards my room — I noticed a brown spot on the floor. The kitten pooped on the floor, again!

I went back to my room and changed my clothes. I replaced their water, placed some food for them, and cleaned their litter boxes…. and as I walked back into my room to pick up my backpack — I noticed a small brownish stain on my carpet. The kitten sat on the carpet after she pooped without cleaning her small butt. I was already late for work. I did not clean it nor had breakfast.

I had a calm day at work. I came back home from work around 14:00 — you might think what kind of job is that. I work in the university and they shut down at 13:30 — by shut down I mean no electricity, no internet, no food, and not even water, nothing! I went in to find out that my “poor” kittens hadn’t had any of their food. Same happened last night, their bowl was still the same. I kept walking and as I passed through the kitchen. I saw the reason why they hadn’t had any food for a while. I forgot to put the chicken I cooked for dinner the night before in the fridge. It was all gone.

I was angry. I broke a jar and cleaned it up. I broke the pan. I blamed the cats when my sister asked what happened! I made lunch. Pretended as if nothing had happened. At 18:00 the electricity went off. It never came back. The only electrician I know had his phone switched off. I slept in my neighbor’s house, along with my younger sister.

At last the day was over and I have to wake up to do it all over again, tomorrow!!


Do not tell – Childhood

In an unhappy family where kids are not given much attention, abuse happens. When Sarah was six, she and her mother would visit the neighbours every once in a while. The mother, sure was social, had many friends and liked to go around to visit, to talk over their problems, and life in general. The young child didn’t have much to do in all these places. Sarah would sit beside her mother quietly. She never complained about not being able to play or not having friends in those houses. However, there was one specific house she never liked going to. Their house was always full of so many loud people. The house looked creepy — it was a long line of rooms sitting next to each other, opening to a long not very well taking care of garden. At the very end of the house they had a space for couple goats, a caw, and several chickens. Even though they had animals she liked, but she never left her mother’s side.487776_498851186843617_1859982669_n

Once during their regular visits, she was introduced to a fun new game. One afternoon, they were visiting the neighbours across the street, where her mother was talking with two women. The room was cosy. It had several mats hanging on the wall and a scary animal’s head. She only wanted to go out for a minute to pee. On her way back, she was pulled into one of the rooms. It was a smaller room with a big pile of mattresses and blankets. A boy asked if she wanted to play. She did want to play just not with the eldest son. He sat down with her on his lab. He whispered, “Do not tell your mom, it is a secret.” Then he unbuttoned his pants and opened the zipper to show her the toy they will play with. She wasn’t sure how to feel about this game … except that she didn’t want to play it again. However, she was pulled back in every time. When she was seven, the next door neighbour wanted to play, too. She stopped going out to other people’s houses.


If men (in my country) ever wanted to have children, then they mostly tend to want sons over fb_img_1427400774623daughters. This man was no different than the rest. He was a very patient man. He was able to wait two months after his first unwanted female child was born –to send in his semen to do their job — this time, better.

It was winter Jan 1995, in Baghdad the capitol of Iraq. The pregnant women was visiting her older sister, when her water broke. The midwife arrived just in time. A baby boy was born. The minute he got air in his lung, he started crying –filling the big quiet house with noise that echoed through the rooms. In the main time, Sarah was looking through the window looking for the source of the sudden noise– she was 11 months old. She unknowingly received her early first birthday gift, a baby brother.

Her brother, Talal, was told to be lucky for he came to this world along with his amniotic sac — Midwife superstitions. The family was poor, they couldn’t afford buying new clothing for their second baby. So, when Talal was conceived, he took over everything; clothes, mother’s milk and her attention, and the only child customized bed. He was indeed lucky. Sarah grow up as the eldest son under the shadow of her younger brother. Both siblings wore the same type of clothes and had similar haircuts. She felt uncomfortable wearing her first dress at the age of 13. She is 22 now and she still doesn’t feel as feminine as she would want.

The 2nd 1st

Early winter 1993, Mosul city, in a quiet neighborhood that is now destroyed and forgotten a baby girl was born. She did not cry. The mother was exhausted she did not notice her baby’s silence — she waited long for the midwife to place her child on her lab. She would’ve called her baby Zina.

Early spring 1994, the neighborhood is quiet as usual. The building in the complex are shaky from the outside, but cosy from the inside. The mother is giving birth to her second child. The baby did not move much nor made a sound, and this time, knowing better, the mother was concerned about her second baby girl. The midwife smiled gently and placed the baby in the mother’s arms who hugged her daughter and bursted into tears. The baby got her sister’s name, Zina. She would wonder later what her name would’ve been, if her sister hadn’t left to unite with the universe in a haste.